Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits – A Guide

A Transvaginal procedure means, quite literally, ‘through the vagina’. A Transvaginal Mesh is a medical procedure used to cure SUI, or Stress Urinary Incontinence. This is usually provoked by the muscles of the pelvic floor. They are weak for various reasons, and the woman can’t control their urination. Those reasons range from childbirth, natural aging processes or even other causes. However, this can lead to serious medical conditions.

This is not uncommon. In a developed country like the United Stats, millions of women suffer from this ailment to their overall well-being. Especially the SUI, is a disease which afflicts women nowadays and have afflicted them for centuries. However, with medical and technological leaps forward, scientists and doctors started doing the transvaginal mesh. Even though this was a promising procedure, it’s clear today it hurts more than it benefits the patient.


So, what exactly is a transvaginal mesh? Well, it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Placing a transvaginal mesh, a sling-shaped mesh artificially created, seemed to overcome this problem. This procedure starting getting very popular in the 90s decade.


The procedure included implanting the transvaginal piece passing through the vagina. This way, the vagina would be spared from many trauma or surgical cuts, avoiding large incisions. Even though the original idea was to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, those weakened over time and descended the mesh through the vaginal wall. This caused a lot of serious issues.


From these complications, we can document: vaginal shrinkage, vaginal bleeding, contraction of the mesh sling, painful intercourse, serious infection, pain, erosion of the mesh into other organs, skin breakage, protrusion of the mesh, erosion of the vaginal epithelium, scarring and shortening of the vagina, and even recurrence of SUI, the problem it aimed to eliminate in the first place.


Many women suffer not only from these conditions, but they might suffer from the actual placement of the device inside the vagina, and even from the act of placing it. Since it’s a transvaginal procedure, the ris of having a perforation is real. Blood vessels, the bowel or even the bladder might be injured in these operative complications. If the woman founds that a vast number of these complications affect their lives, they might need serious medical attention.


This also represents an opportunity to collect monetary damages due to all the pain and placement of the medical device. The United States Food and Drug Administration entity is currently investigating these complications. However, having legal help can help women who experienced emotional distress, lost wages, drop in quality of life, changes in their lifestyle, decreased libido or sexual intercourse, medical expenses, or even pain and distress might be eligible to collect a series of funds from an appropriate lawsuit.


Due to this procedure, many women are suffering in silence every day. The list of complications is expansive and it can seriously hurt a woman’s quality of life. However, there is no need for such sad actions. The FDA’s investigations are ongoing, but women can rest assured that the product defects and problematic surgical procedures can be accountable for their individual responsibility. The right team of attorneys can help women to have their voices and pain heard in the Court, and obtain a substancial financial payoff of all those problems and troubles they had to endure.

With data of the previous year, in the United States alone, more than 20,000 vaginal mesh lawsuits were pending in courts throughout the country. However, this number is expected to increase due to the increase in awareness in women of all ages and social status.


There are a lot of high quality attorneys and legal services to represent these women in need. Morgan & Morgan, Motley Rice, Tor Hoerman, Saiontz & Kirk, Bernstein & Liebhard are just a few quality names based in the United States. These have a specialized team of attorneys responsible to defend women in these conditions.

This legal help can help women get the compensation they deserve for all the complications derived from this medical procedure. Specialized attorneys in transvaginal slings and the attached complications can really ease the pain for women, and let them claim a little victory in all this painful process.